2018 Annual Conference

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Conference Schedule (25.3 KB)

The draft conference program will be posted in the second week of June.


Feminist Debates on Migration, Inequalities & Resistance as the 2018 conference theme celebrates the domestic and international diversity of feminisms and feminist economic thought, supporting resistance against rising xenophobia, attacks on human rights and threats to equal access to economic opportunities. Feminist economists are working to develop stronger concepts, theories, and frameworks for research on/and distribution of economic growth and development. Submissions are encouraged that critically engage with variations in feminist economic thought across the globe, theorizations and applications of intersectional feminisms in the economy, and the disparate impact of climate change on the global economy as well as its potential for fundamental change towards more sustainable systems. We solicit paper, session and panel proposals that engage with links between theory and action on these topics as well as on a broader range of feminist inquiry into economic phenomena. Proposals with an interdisciplinary character are especially welcome.

SUBMISSIONS: Abstracts (400 words max.) must be submitted online via the IAFFE website (www.iaffe.org) beginning November 6, 2017. Submissions can be made for individual papers, sessions, or panels/roundtables. Participants are limited to one paper presentation and one roundtable/panel appearance. Additional co-authored papers are allowed only if they are presented by the co-author. These limitations allow maximum participation by all members wishing to participate. Please see the IAFFE website, www.iaffe.org, for detailed submission guidelines

DEADLINES: The submission deadline is extended to April 19, 2018. This is the FINAL extension.


CALL FOR PAPERS | New Paltz 2018 (557.2 KB)





ONLINE REGISTRATION - http://www.iaffe.org/conference/register/IAFFENewPaltz2018/

DEADLINES: Early Registration - April 19 | Final Registration - May 19

IMPORTANT: In order to be included in the conference program, you MUST be fully registered for the conference by May 10.

ON-SITE REGISTRATION - You may register on-site at the conference.

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: If you have registered for the conference but are unable to attend, you may request a partial refund. Refunds are limited to half of the registration fee. All requests must be emailed to the Conference Coordinator, acollins@iaffe.org by June 9, 2018.


If you plan to attend the conference, please consider that you may need a visa to travel to the U.S. and that you must apply for it in a timely manner. It is recommended that you apply at least 8 weeks prior to the conference.

To determine if you will need a visa to travel to the U.S., use VISA WIZARD -- "a guide to help foreign citizens understand which visa category might be appropriate for their travel to the United States."

To receive a "letter of invitation" for your visa application, click "Yes" on the related questions on the conference registration form when you register for the conference.

IMPORTANT: You must be registered and paid-in-full for the conference before we can send you a "letter of invitation."


Due to the high number of applications we have received, we are no longer accepting travel grant applications for 2018. Thank you!

IAFFE is committed to seeking and providing travel funds to support our members who want to attend and participate in the Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Workshop but are unable due to a lack of funding.  Unfortuantely we do not have enough funding to support everyone who needs it.  IAFFE prioritizes conference participants from the Global South and young scholars for travel support. The maximum funding is $2,000 USD, but most, if not all, will be less, depending upon funds available. We hope to notify all applicants of the status of the travel grant application by April 15, some will be sooner.  Please only ask for the maximum that you need so we can support as many applicants as possible.

Click HERE to watch video preview of SUNY New Paltz and the New Paltz, NY USA area.


The Pre-Conference & Mentoring Workshop is designed for scholars and activists new to feminist economics. It provides presentation by established scholars in the field. While precise topics vary from year to year, in general we include an overview of the subject along with presentations on specific topics such as feminist economics methodologies, caring labor, diversity in economics, and global perspectives on gender and economics. We also generally provide career-building presentations and discussions, such as publishing feminist economics research and developing a media presence.

The Workshop agenda and presenters will be posted soon.

The is no additional fee to attend this Workshop.

Workshop: Time and Income/Consumption Poverty and Social Policy Methodology

June 18, 2018 (Time TBA)

This workshop provides a brief but thorough introduction to the methodologies employed in the estimation of both the Levy Institute Measure of Time and Income/Consumption Poverty (LIMTIP/LIMTCP) and of social policy impacts in a full day of presentation and discussion. We invite those interested in working on LIMTIP estimates, producing estimates of social policy impacts on time and income poverty, or working with time use data to explore poverty to join us. The goal of the workshop is to familiarize attendees with the data and methods involved, their possibilities and limitations

  • Session 1: Conceptual Issues in the Measurement of Time and Income/Consumption Poverty – Ajit Zacharias: Discussion of the alternative approaches to the measurement of time poverty and its relation to the measurement of income/consumption poverty.
  • Session 2: Methodological Approach to the Measurement of Time and Income/Consumption Poverty – Thomas Masterson: Discussion of the selection and use of data sources for the construction of the LIMTIP/LIMTCP measure.
  • Session 3: Simulating the Impact of Employment on Time and Income/Consumption Poverty – Thomas Masterson: Presentation of methodology for simulating employment changes in poor households.
  • Session 4: The Impact of Public Investment in Social Care on Poverty – Kijong Kim: Presentation of methodology for assessing the impacts of increases in social care provision on employment, time use and poverty.

Registrtion info coming soon.


Application Deadline: March 15, 2018 | Sponsored by Routledge/Taylor and Francis, publisher of Feminist Economics

In memory of Rhonda Williams, associate editor of Feminist Economics from 1994 to 1998, the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) established a prize to help scholars from underrepresented groups in IAFFE, whose work reflects Rhonda Williams's legacy of scholarship and activism, attend the annual IAFFE conference and present a paper. $1,000 to be awarded at the 27th IAFFE Annual Conference in New Paltz, New York, June 19-21, 2018. The funds are intended to partially defray travel costs to attend the annual conference. (For scholars traveling from a long distance, additional funds may be available to assist with travel and conference expenses.) The award winner will also receive a registration fee waiver for the 27th IAFFE Annual Conference.

Criteria: The recipient's work in activism, advocacy, or scholarship should demonstrate a commitment to one or more of the following issues:

  • Inequalities based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.
  • Interrelationships among racism, sexism, homophobia, and classism.
  • Connections between scholarship and activism.

Special consideration will be given to applicants from groups not well represented in IAFFE and those with limited access to travel funds from their home institutions or international funders. This prize is targeted to junior scholars and activists. The recipient of the prize must present a paper at the IAFFE conference (you must separately submit to present the paper for inclusion in the Conference program at the Conference website) and submit the manuscript to Feminist Economics within a reasonable period after the conference. The paper will undergo an expedited review process, but publication is not guaranteed. 

2018 Rhonda Williams Prize Call for Applications (79.8 KB)

If you have any questions, contact IAFFE Conference Coordinator Andrea Collins at acollins@iaffe.org.