2019 Annual Conference

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The 2019 conference theme, Solidarities and Challenges at the Intersection of Inequalities, invites scholars, practitioners and activists engaged with the field of feminist economics to bring questions of ‘identity’ and ‘place’ into one of the most important debates in the current era: rising inequalities in income and wealth across the world. How are these debates deepened and broadened when they also take account of the interaction between marginalized and privileged social identities embedded in these inequalities? How do these intersections play out in relation to states, markets and community for different people and places across the world? And how can ideas and experiences that help forge solidarities across these differences contribute to ‘leaving no one behind’ in any future progress? The conference believes that feminist economics has a special contribution to make to an interdisciplinary scholarship on this challenging topic because of its ability to address economic questions through a range of different disciplines and methodologies.

We solicit paper, session and panel proposals that engage with links between theory and action on these topics as well as on a broader range of feminist inquiry into economic phenomena. Proposals with an interdisciplinary character are especially welcome.


  • Abstracts (400 words max.) must be submitted online via the IAFFE website (www.iaffe.org) beginning December 1, 2018.
  • Submissions can be made for individual papers, sessions, or panels/roundtables.
  • Participants are limited to one paper presentation and one roundtable/panel appearance.
  • Additional co-authored papers are allowed only if they are presented by the co-author.
  • These limitations allow maximum participation by all members wishing to participate.

DEADLINE: The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2019. Notification of acceptance will begin early January 2019.

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RHONDA WILLIAMS PRIZE | $1,000 + waived conference registration fee

  • Application Deadline: March 15, 2019
  • In memory of Rhonda Williams, associate editor of Feminist Economics from 1994 to 1998, the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) established a prize to help scholars from underrepresented groups in IAFFE, whose work reflects Rhonda Williams's legacy of scholarship and activism, attend the annual IAFFE conference and present a paper. $1,000 to be awarded at the 28thIAFFE Annual Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, June 27-29, 2019. The funds are intended to partially defray travel costs to attend the annual conference. (For scholars traveling from a long distance, additional funds may be available to assist with travel and conference expenses.) The award winner will also receive a registration fee waiver for the 28th IAFFE Annual Conference.



June 26, 1:30p - 5p

The Pre-Conference & Mentoring Workshop is designed for scholars and activists new to feminist economics. This year we are partnering with with the Institute for Economic Thinking - Young Scholar's Initiative  to plan the Workshop. There is no additional fee to attend this Workshop. More information to come soon.


  • DEADLINES: Early Registration - April 27 | Final Registration - May 27
  • IMPORTANT: To be included in the conference program, you MUST be registered for the conference by May 1.
  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION: You may register on-site at the conference.
  • CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: If you have registered for the conference but are unable to attend, you may request a partial refund. Refunds are limited to half of the registration fee. All requests must be emailed to the Conference Coordinator, acollins@iaffe.org by June 17, 2019.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: http://www.iaffe.org/conference/register/IAFFEGlasgow2019/
Conference Registrations Fees - IAFFE 2019


Conference attendees are responsible for making your own travel and lodging arrangements.  June is a busy time for visiting Glasgow, we encourage you to make your lodging arrangements as soon as possible. 


SPECIAL HOTEL RATES for visitors to Glasgow Caledonian University


If you plan to attend the conference, please consider that you may need a visa to travel to the U.K. and that you must apply for it in a timely manner. It is recommended that you apply at least 8 weeks prior to the conference.

To determine if you will need a visa to travel to the U.K. go to VISIT THE UK.

To receive a "letter of invitation" for your visa application, click "Yes" on the related questions on the conference registration form when you register for the conference.

IMPORTANT: You must be registered and paid-in-full for the conference before we can send you a "letter of invitation."

Please contact IAFFE Conference Coordinator Andrea Collins, acollins@iaffe.org, for any questions or concerns.