2020 Annual Conference

IAFFE Postpones 2020 Annual Conference to June 23-25, 2021
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29° Congreso Anual de la Asociación Internacional para la Economia Feminista 
Sostenibilidad de la vida: retos en un contexto de crisis multidimensional
FLACSO sede Ecuador, Quito | 25-27 de junio de 2020


Sostenibilidad de la vida: retos en un contexto de crisis multidimensional -- Actualmente, los sistemas económicos y políticos son incapaces de satisfacer las necesidades humanas y enfrentar a la vez la fragilidad de los ecosistemas, particularmente en el marco del resurgimiento de gobiernos reaccionarios.  Por otra parte, nuestras sociedades se han tensado y dividido cada vez más por razones de etnia, religión, nacionalidad, genero e identidad sexual, además de que las fronteras son cada vez más excluyentes, con barreras de todo tipo.  En este contexto, las mujeres enfrentan amenazas a su integridad física y a sus posibilidades de generar ingresos económicos. Por ello, sostener la vida requiere de la confluencia de sistemas económicos y políticos inclusivos y resilientes que permitan la sostenibilidad del ambiente.  En ese contexto, la economía feminista ofrece perspectivas intelectuales y metodológicas para analizar el sostenimiento integral de la vida. La economía feminista se ha caracterizado por ir más allá del pensamiento económico convencional, incorporando también visiones provenientes de otras disciplinas. La organización de la economía incluye actividades, interacciones, transacciones y relaciones en hogares, empresas, comunidades y Estado. Buscamos un entendimiento integral del bienestar, en el que los ámbitos productivo y reproductivo sean visibilizados y valorados.  


Sustaining life requires inclusive and resilient economic and political systems and the sustainability of our environment.  Feminist economics continues to offer a vital set of intellectual perspectives and methodologies with which to analyze these issues. Our economic and political systems are failing to address human needs and ecological fragility, particularly with the growing rise of illiberal democracies. Our societies face pressures to divide along lines of race, religion, nationality, gender, and sexual identity.  Borders are increasingly shutting people out and walls are being built. Globally, women face threats to their livelihoods and bodily integrity. Against this backdrop, new economic visions and tools are needed and feminist approaches are essential. Feminist economics has long looked beyond the simplifications that are embedded in the categories, methods, and models of mainstream economics and welcomes insights from other disciplines. Our approaches look at activities within the socially constructed categories of households, firms, communities, and the state; we consider economic activity both inside and outside markets; and we seek a more integrated understanding of human well-being in which productive and reproductive activities are valued. The IAFFE 2020 Conference will provide a forum for scholarship and inquiry that recognizes the methodological pluralism of our field. We define our field broadly and welcome research that brings a feminist lens to topics both micro and macro, local and global. We invite you to join us in Quito.


IAFFE is working with MaestroMeetings* to provide lodging options for the Quito 2020 conference attendees. 

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Wednesday, June 24/miércoles, 24 de junio 

11:00 – María Angeles Durán, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, España/Superior Council for Scientific Research, Spain.
  • “Un desafío económico: la sostenibilidad del cuidado” (An Economic Challenge: The Sustainability of Care) (Lecture in Spanish, without translation)
  • Lugar/location:  Auditorio Master del Centro de Información Integral, Universidad Central del Ecuador/Central University of Ecuador
18:30 – Wendy Harcourt, International Institute for Social Studies, Erasmus University, Holland/Instituto Internacional de Ciencias Sociales, Universidad Erasmus, Holanda
  • “Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of Care” (La ecología política feminista y la economía del cuidado) (Conferencia en inglés, con traducción)
  • Locale/Lugar:  Universidad Andina Simón Bolivar (UASB)

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PRE-CONFERENCE and MENTORING WORKSHOP - Intro to Feminist Economics

Wednesday, June 24 | 14:00-17:00 - Workshop, 17:00-18:00 - Post-workshop Social Hour (for participants and mentors)

  • No fee, but signup required via conference registration.
  • More information re Agenda and speakers to come.


The following journals are accepting submission of papers presented at the conference for possible publication:

  • IAFFEFeminist Economics
  • Central Bank of Ecuador | Cuestiones Económicas
  • Universidad Central del Ecuador | Revista Economía

Call for Papers / Convocotorias


  • DEADLINES: Early Registration - April 24 | Final Registration - May 24
  • IMPORTANT: To be included in the conference program, you MUST be registered for the conference by May 1.
  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION: You may register on-site at the conference.
  • CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: If you have registered for the conference but are unable to attend, you may request a partial refund. Refunds are limited to half of the registration fee. All requests must be emailed to the Conference Coordinator, acollins@iaffe.org by June 24, 2019

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If you plan to attend the conference, please consider that you may need a visa to travel to Ecuador and that you must apply for it in a timely manner. It is recommended that you apply at least 12 weeks prior to the conference.

To determine if you will need a visa to travel to the Ecuador go to VISIT EMBASSY OF ECUADOR - CONSULAR SERVICES.

IMPORTANT: You must be registered and paid-in-full for the conference before we can send you a "letter of invitation." After you register for the conference you will receive an email confirmation of registration. That email will include a link to a form for submitting the information need for your visa invitation letter. You will receive a link the Travel Visa Invitation Letter Request Form in the confirmation letter you receive after you register for the conference.


IAFFE is committed to seeking and providing travel funds to support our members who want to attend and participate in the Annual Conference and Pre-Conference Workshop but are unable due to a lack of funding.  Unfortuantely we do not have enough funding to support everyone who needs it.  IAFFE prioritizes conference participants from the Global South and young scholars for travel support. The maximum funding is $2,000 USD, but most, if not all, will be less, depending upon funds available. Please only ask for the maximum that you need so we can support as many applicants as possible.

Travel Grant Submission Deadline: February 15

You will need the following information prior to completing your application:

  • What is the total of your estimated expenses to attend the conference, including the conference registration fee and the conference dinner (approx. $45 USD),if you are planning to attend?
  • What is the MINIMUM amount of funding that you are requesting to enable your attendance at the conference?  (The maximum request is $2,000 USD.)
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Please contact IAFFE Conference Coordinator Andrea Collins, acollins@iaffe.org, for any questions or concerns.