Book Spotlights

Birth Strike: The Hidden Fight Over Women’s Work

Jenny Brown PM PRESS (2019) As the U.S. birth rate has dropped below replacement, it has revealed that fights around abortion and birth control are, at their root, about women’s reproductive work: who will do it, and who will pay for it. In other countries, panic over low birth rates has led governments to underwrite child-rearing, but in the U.S., women have not yet realized the power of their bargaining position.

The Journey of a Southern Feminist

Devaki Jain SAGE (2018) Devaki Jain is a leading Indian feminist economist. This book collects together contributions made over six decades to thinking about Indian and international development, drawing on research with and for poor women. Jain was a pioneer in making visible women's hidden contributions, both paid and unpaid, to national economies, and in striving to build new forms of economic reasoning.