Book Spotlights

Reassembling Motherhood: Procreation and Care In A Globalized World

Yasmine Ergas, Jane Jenson & Sonya Michel COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY PRESS (2019) The globalization of reproduction has generated both greater liberty and new forms of constraint. Emphasizing the tension between the liberalization of procreation and care and the limits to their democratization imposed by multiple inequalities, this multidisciplinary collection of essays highlights the debates that have emerged as motherhood has been simultaneously fragmented and reassembled.

Occupational Segregation: Participation and Recognition of Women in Male-Dominated Jobs

Empar Aguado & Esmeralda Ballesteros TIRANT LO BLANCH (2018) This book delves into the impact of how the inequalities produced by the ancestral division of labor continue to be valid, causing an objective injustice. The rigid ideologies that condition the sexual structure of labor markets restrict the freedom of choice and decision of a very important part of the population: women.