Book Spotlights

Life Histories of Women Panchayat Sarpanches from Haryana, India

Pareena G. Lawrence & Kavita Chakravarty CAMBRIDGE SCHOLAR PUBLISHING (2017) This book is a collation of life histories of female village heads in the northwestern state of India, Haryana. With background chapters on political reservation, local political context, and socio-economic context of the state; the book helps the readers navigate the transcribed oral life histories of ten village heads.

Measuring Women’s Economic Empowerment: Critical Lessons from South America

Susana Martinez-Restrepo & Laura Ramos-Jaimes IDRC (2017) The objective of this book is to provide empirical evidence of Colombia, Peru and Uruguay, countries of South America, about the experiences as researchers implementing existing methods and questionnaires, used to explain and measure the economic empowerment of women in terms of individual results. The evidence focuses on the results, effects, impacts and measurement of economic empowerment. This book explores quantitative and qualitative methods to measure the usual proxies of empowerment, such as decision-making and participation in the labor market, as well as the subjective dimensions of these measures.