Book Spotlights

Gender and Time Use in a Global Context: The Economics of Employment and Unpaid Labor

Rachel Connelly & Ebru Kongar (Palgrave, 2017) This edited volume uses a feminist approach to explore the economic implications of the complex interrelationship between gender and time use. Moreover, household composition, sexuality, migration patterns, income levels, and race/ethnicity are all considered as important factors that interact with gender and time use patterns. The book is split in a macro and micro section.

Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities: Critical Feminist and Postcolonial Analyses

Ebru Kongar, Jennifer Olmsted, & Elora Shehabuddin (Routledge, 2018) Bringing together feminist analyses of economic processes and outcomes with feminist critiques of Orientalism, this book examines the diverse economic realities facing women in a range of Muslim communities. This approach pays special attention to the role of Islam in economic analyses of gender equality and women’s well- being in Muslim communities, while at the same time challenging biased and inaccurate accounts that essentialize Islam.