Bina Agarwal's "Gender Challenges" Released

This three-volume compendium brings together a selection of path-breaking essays on agriculture, property rights, and the environment, written over three decades. Combining diverse disciplines, methodologies and cross-country comparisons, the essays challenge standard economic analysis and assumptions from a gender perspective. They provide original insights on a wide range of theoretical, empirical, and policy issues of continuing importance in contemporary debates.

Volume 1:- spans the author's writings on agrarian change since 1981. It identifies gender inequalities in the impact of technical change in agriculture in Asia and Africa; the links between women, poverty, and economic growth processes; the statistical undercounting of women's work; and the key role of women farmers in food security. It also offers innovative institutional solutions as ways forward.

Volume 2 :- focuses on the author's paradigm-shifting work on women's property status in South Asia. It demonstrates the key importance of promoting access to property, especially land, for women's economic empowerment; details gender inequalities in inheritance laws, public policies, and land struggles; and presents the bargaining framework for understanding and overcoming these inequalities.

Volume 3:- traces the relationship between gender and environmental change. Critiquing ecofeminism, it outlines an alternative theoretical framework. Also, based on the author's fieldwork on community forest governance, it demonstrates how a critical mass of women can significantly improve conservation. Finally, the author reflects on which features of feminist scholarship make for an effective challenge to mainstream economics.

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