May, McGarvey, Kucera featured in "The Economist"

Ann Mari May, Mary McGarvey and David Kucera research featured in “The Economist"

An article recently published in Kyklos by Ann Mari May, Mary G. McGarvey and David Kucera entitled, “Gender and European Economic Policy: A Survey of the Views of European Economists on Contemporary Economic Policy” is featured in an article in the February 15, 2018 issue of The Economist magazine

The research by May, McGarvey and Kucera examines differences in views of male and female economists in universities with doctoral programs in economics in 18 EU countries. Their study finds differences in views between male and female economists in all five areas of public policy examined and provides further evidence of the need for women to participate in the formation of public policy.
Ann Mari May and Mary McGarvey are located at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and David Kucera is located at the ILO in Geneva, Switzerland. 
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Posted February 25, 2018