RFP | Membership Management & Engagement Specialist

April 15, 2019


Project Name: Membership Development and Engagement Project
Organization: International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)
Contact Person: Andrea Collins, Business Manager and Conference Coordinator, acollins@iaffe.org

Statement of Purpose

The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) is seeking a membership development and engagement specialist to assist in the preparation of a strategic membership development plan. In order to facilitate this process, we seek to engage a specialist to better understand IAFFE’s membership challenges and to propose solutions to stabilize and increase international membership. The IAFFE board has already taken some preliminary steps in this direction by administering a membership survey. Building on this initiative, we would like to expand these efforts to develop a comprehensive strategy for membership recruitment and retention. Applications will be reviewed and the IAFFE board will select the consultant.

Background Information

The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE), a membership-based organization, was founded after a discussion of a small group of feminist economists at the 1990 meetings of the American Economics Association in Washington, D.C. IAFFE advances feminist inquiry of economic issues and aims to educate economists and others on feminist perspectives on economic issues. IAFFE’s respected and award-winning journal, Feminist Economics, has been the leading outlet for scholarship and innovative thinking on feminist analysis, gender and economics. One of IAFFE’s primary and most successful activities is convening an annual international conference that brings together researchers from around the world working on issues relating to feminist economics to share their knowledge and build collaborative networks.

Tasks to be accomplished: Work with members of the board to develop a strategic plan for IAFFE’s membership development and engagement, including:

  • value proposition and motivations – why do people join IAFFE
  • recent membership trends and concerns
  • membership goals (including underrepresented groups)
  • lessons from similar organizations
  • recruitment and retention strategies
  • engagement activities (including social media)

Summary of deliverables – Strategic plan that includes the components listed above. Due by the end of the period of performance

Contract Details

  • Period of Performance: 3-4 months. Starting as soon as possible, preferably by May 15. Contract is non-renewable.
  • Payment: Total contract - $25,000. To be in increments and prescribed intervals.

To Submit a Proposal

Please submit the following no later than May 1, 2019 to Andrea Collins, Business Manager and Conference Coordinator, IAFFE; acollins@iaffe.org.

  1. Your brief thoughts regarding how you will carry out the tasks outlined above.
  2. A summary of your recent and relevant projects.
  3. A firm estimate of the number of hours needed to complete the contract deliverable.
  4. Resumes or CV.
  5. Names, phone numbers, and email addresses of individuals at three nonprofit organizations who have been your clients during the last three years and whom we can contact as references.

We plan to hold interviews with finalists in mid-May. If you have questions, please email them to acollins@iaffe.org.