Nominee Suggestions for IAFFE President-Elect & Board requested by April 15

March 23, 2017

Dear IAFFE Members:

On behalf of the IAFFE Nominating Committee, I am writing to request your suggestions for nominations for IAFFE President-Elect and for election to the IAFFE Board of Directors.

Drawing from your suggestions, the Nominating Committee will present a slate of nominees for these positions to the IAFFE Board at its upcoming meeting in Seoul in June/July 2017.  Elections will then follow after the slate has been approved by the Board.

As requested by the IAFFE Board, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates that will help the Board become more demographically diverse in nationality/country of origin, ethnicity/race, gender, LGBTQ status, and age, and who possess valuable and diverse skills, experiences, and core competencies, such as mission-related scholarship, mission-related teaching, nonprofit finance/risk management, nonprofit governance, development/fundraising/philanthropy, organizational leadership, and strategic planning.  All board members are expected to believe in and support IAFFE’s mission and, additionally, have the time, skills and commitment to work with IAFFE and to help expand its outreach, stability, diversity, and advancement. 

Current board members who are serving their first terms, as well as past board members, are also eligible for nomination.  Current IAFFE board members are listed on the IAFFE website at

Please send nominations along with a detailed explanation of the candidates' qualifications, noting both demographic characteristics as well as skills, experiences, and core competencies (as described above) to the Nominating Committee via Reply email by  April 15, 2017.  Thank you!

Warm regards,

Diana Strassmann
       Chair, IAFFE Nominating Committee

       IAFFE Nominating Committee:  Diana Strassmann (chair), Cecilia Conrad, Melanie  
       Gray, Naila Kabeer, and Dzodzi Tsikata