Alma Espino

BOARD MEMBER, 2018-2021

Universidad de la República Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguary

Alma is a feminist economist whose research focuses on employment, non-market work, development and care economics. From 1985 to 2013, she worked as a Senior-Researcher for the Institute of Economics of the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Administration at University of the Republic, Uruguay. Up to the present, she teaches Economics and Gender at that Faculty and participates as a lecturer in the Graduated course on Gender and Public Policies of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the same University. Lecturer in the Regional Training Program on Gender and Public Policies (PRIGEPP-FLACSO) since 2003, she has also been a fellow of the Latin American Working Group on Gender, Macroeconomics and International Economics since 2006.
Department Coordinator of the group on "Development and Gender Area" at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Development Studies-Uruguay, she has also developed a wide research-based advocacy activity on gender economics from there. As a result, she has conducted lectures and training-courses for NGOs and political actors in Uruguay and other Latin American countries. She has been working as a consultant on gender issues for the Uruguayan and other regional government and administrative agencies as well as for International Organizations (World Bank, UNRISD, UNWomen, IDB, ECLAC, UNDP, and ILO). She is a member of the International Gender and Trade Network and of the Latin-American Civil society Advisory Group (CSAG). She has published in several journals and books and participated in the drafting of several book chapters. She is member of the National System of Researchers- Uruguay

Vision for IAFFE: I think I will be able to contribute to IAFFE due to my vast and substantive experience as a researcher, teacher and consultant in the field of economics and gender, raising the point of view of a Latin American social scientist. During my career, I have gained a deep knowledge of the situation of women, gender equality and women’s empowerment challenges in the region. I have also worked in different countries and made contact with researchers and practitioners in a wide range of gender issues. I believe this experience can contribute to enrich the current feminist research agenda and to disseminate the feminist economic understandings. I hope to encourage the participation of new scholars to join IAFFE from my region and improve IAFFE’s member participation.
In order to fulfill these aspirations, I will work to disseminate and promote the IAFFE’s agenda among Uruguayan and Latin-American scholars and encourage them to become members and to participate regularly in the Annual Conference. I aim at consolidating a network of IAFFE members in Latina America to expand the exchanges among academics and non-government organizations.


Updated July 2018.