İpek İlkkaracan


Professor of Economics
Istanbul Technical University

Research Scholar
Levy Economics Institute, New York

Research Fellow
Economic Research Foum, Cairo

İpek İlkkaracan is a full-time Professor of Economics at Istanbul Technical University in Turkey; a research scholar with the Levy Economics Institute in New York and a research fellow with the Economic Research Forum (ERF) in Cairo.  I received my M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from the New School for Social Research in New York City.  In 2018-2020, I was based at the University of Rome-Sapienza in Italy as a Visiting Professor. I became a member of IAFFE as a graduate student in 2000. I served on the Board of Directors in 2015-2017, also as on Membership and Nominations Committees, and as an Associate Editor of Feminist Economics since 2012.

My research interests lie in economic and social policy, the care economy and time-use, gender and macroeconomics, political economy of gender, labor markets and development.  Between 2009-2013 working with the Turkish and German Greens, I developed the concept of the ‘Purple Economy’, which depicts a gender-egalitarian, caring and sustainable economic system; the model was adopted by various women’s organizations as a policy advocacy tool (by the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels, the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia-Pacific in Kuala Lumpur and Women for Women’s Human Rights-New Ways in Istanbul). Beyond being an academic, I have also been involved as an activist and development practitioner with feminist NGOs and development agencies. I am a founding member of Women for Women’s Human Rights – New Ways, Women’s Labor and Employment Platform in Turkey, the ITU Women’s Studies Center at my university and the Gender and Macroeconomics GEM-Europe Network.  I have worked with development agencies such as the ILO, UNDP, UNCTAD and UN Women in the context of various applied policy research studies, development of policy tools and trainings in Central Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Vision/Priorities for IAFFE -- I believe that IAFFE is already doing a pretty good job of providing a home for feminist economists to network and collaborate through its annual conferences, and through the FE journal, of publishing and disseminating high caliber work in feminist economics. It is an honor for me to be invited to be a President-elect by the IAFFE Nominations Committee. My vision is to ensure that IAFFE is further strengthened as a sustainable and functional institution. To this end, increased membership as well as more active member engagement need to be priorities.  ---  There has been an important momentum in IAFFE in recent years to improve member engagement and participation in decision-making. Some concrete steps have been taken in response to demand from the membership for more transparent and participatory management; these need to be monitored and evaluated to ensure their effectiveness and sustainability. Another priority is to increase membership in general, but particularly for young scholars, scholars from the global South and underrepresented groups. I think it is also important to prepare for and support a generational shift in leadership and management of the organization. 

-- July 29, 2021