Silvia Berger



Ministerio de Economía
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Silvia Berger is working at the Ministry of Economics and Production of Argentina, "invited researcher" at FLACSO (Latin American Social Sciences Institute) Argentina, -Technologic and Economic Area -and post-graduate university teacher. She is a member of (CLACSO) The Latin American Council of Social Sciences - Working group on Gender and Development, (international non-governmental organization with status of consultative relationship with Unesco) and lecture at PRIGEPP (Regional Training Program on Gender and Public Policies).

She's also a member of the Editorial Committee of "Ola financiera"- a quarterly scientific journal based out of the National Autonomous University of Mexico's (UNAM) Postgraduate Department in the Economics Faculty and the Fiscal and Financial Unit of the Institute of Economic Investigation of the same university-She worked at the International Labor Organization (ILQ) - Americas Office - 2002 and 2003 as Director of the Project "Incorporation of the Gender Dimensions in the Policies of Poverty Eradication and Generation of Employment in Latin America" (GPE) for Argentina, Peru, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Honduras that published 8 books. Previously, she worked for the ILO on "Methodology for estimating Labour costs broken down by sex" and " Labor cost of maternity and child care protection in Argentina".

She also is one of the contributors of "The Elgar Companion to Feminist Economics" with the entry Economic History, South America and is a frequent attendee at IAFFE conferences (Tours France, Taxco Mexico, Amsterdam Netherlands, Istanbul Turkey, Oslo Norway, and Oxford England).

She has been President of the Argentine Association "Labor Studies" (ASET) that has been publishing for the last 16 years Labor Studies (Revista de Estudlos del Trabajo) She's also, a member of the Latin America Labor Association -ALAST- where she was, from 2000 to 2004 in the Editorial Committee of its Semestral Journal" Labor Studies" a scientific, thematic and interdisciplinary journal whose main objective Is foster the academic debate In the labor studies fields.

Her research topics for the last 2 decades include "Gender and Globalization in Peripheral Countries", "Gender and development", "Structural adjustment policies in Argentina. Changes in regional and gender employment", "Regional Evolution Argentine Labor Market. Changes in the 90's," and "Women at their positions. Social classes and labor supply in the restructuring of Argentina's capitalism".


Bio updated July 2016