2011 Annual Conference

Zhejiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China
June 24-26, 2011

IAFFE Travel Grant and Paper Submissions Are Now Closed 

Click below to see the artwork corresponding to the 2011 IAFFE conference. 

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2011 IAFFE Conference Art by Sumru Tekin

Start making your plans now to attend the 2011 Annual Conference in Hangzhou, China. Conference registration is open.

Scene from Hangzhou Scene from Hangzhou

Conference Theme:

Theme: Reorienting economic theory, policies, and institutions: Feminist perspectives in the aftermath of the global economic crisis.

Conference Program:

The final conference program is now available.

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Scene from Hangzhou Scene from Hangzhou

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Conference Fees for the 2011 Annual Conference are: 
                                    Registration (Early Registration closed April 15) 
IAFFE Member                      $350 USD
Non-IAFFE Member              $400
Student                                   $175

Chinese Resident Rate        $80                                   

On-line conference registration closed June 1.

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Travel Grants:

Travel Grant Applications are now closed. 

Further information and instructions about the travel grant are available by clicking here

Rhonda Williams Prize:

IAFFE announces the Rhonda Williams Prize, instituted to help diversify IAFFE by encouraging underrepresented groups to participate in feminist economics. In particular, the prize is intended to encourage and support IAFFE members whose work reflects Rhonda Williams's legacy of scholarship and activism. The prize will be awarded at IAFFE's annual conference in Hangzhou, China. The Deadline for the 2011 Rhonda Williams Prize has passed.

Visas for Travel to China:

General information regarding obtaining a Chinese visa is available at the following website for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the People’s Republic of China:  http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/ljzg/3647/3648/  Please note that the documents required for visa application may vary from country to country. Please consult the Embassy of P.R. China in your country for information in detail. Most participants will apply for Visa F (Business) or Visa L (Tourist) General descriptions regarding all visa types can be found at:  http://www.fmprc.gov.cn/eng/ljzg/3647/3648/t18417.htm.

Visa L (Tourist): This type of visa is recommended since applying for a tourist visa is less involved and can take less time for the applicant to receive. This type of visa is issued to aliens who come to China for sightseeing, visiting relatives or other private purposes. For a tourist visa, in principle, the traveler will need to show evidence of his/her financial funding that will cover travel expenses, including airfare or other transportation to and from China, and also for lodging and other expenses while in China.  For applicants who come to China to visit relatives, an invitation letter from relatives in China it may be required.

Visa F (Business): This type of visa is issued to an applicant who is invited to China for a period of no more than six months for study or lecture, a business tour, scientific-technological and cultural exchanges, a short-term refresher course, or job-training. This type of visa takes more time and may be more difficult to get.  To apply for a Visa F, an invitation letter from the inviting unit or a visa notification letter from the authorized unit is required. It may take more than 4-8 weeks to get the official document (including the invitation letter from the Xhejiang Gongshang University) approved from the Foreign Affairs Office in Zhejiang Province, so please plan to make your request well in advance before your appointment with the Chinese Consulate in your country allowing for extra time that may be needed to send a hard copy of a letter of invitation to you.  Requests for a letter of invitation for the Visa F should be emailed to conference@iaffe.org.  Please include "Visa Request" in the subject line of your email.

Obtaining a Chinese Visa for a US Passport Holder Only:  There are numerous services available that will assist US passport holders with the process of obtaining a visa for China. If you are planning on attending the 2011 IAFFE Annual Conference in Hangzhou, China, you will want to begin the process of obtaining a visa as soon as possible!

While IAFFE does not personally endorse any particular visa service, below you will find contact information for a visa service that you may wish to consider:

• CIBT – The Global Passport and Visa Professionals in Washington, DC:   http://www.us.cibt.com/.  Note: this service requires a hotel confirmation as part of its application process, so book a hotel before you use this service.

2011 Annual IAFFE Conference Location:


Address in Chinese:    

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Note:  The name and location of the building on the Zhejiang Gongshang University campus where the conference will be held will be updated on this website as soon as that information becomes available.

Local Host Contacts:  Dr. Xinxin Chen and Dr. Xiao-yuan Dong

All the conference rooms are equipped with audio visual equipment, LCD projectors, computers and free access to the internet onsite. In addition to generously providing space for our conference, Zhejiang Gongshang University, our host institution, is graciously providing a reception for all participants, and a dinner Friday evening.

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Pre-conference Workshop:

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Conference Art:

Click below to see a larger version of the artwork corresponding to the 2011 IAFFE conference. The artwork is by artist Sumru Tekin.

Artwork (JPG image, approximately 90 kilobytes) (90.2 KB)

After the Conference: IWG-GEM training course in Japan:

Click here for more information about the IWG-GEM training course in Japan (July 3-16, 2011) and an application:

Call for Applications (283.3 KB)


Bangkok, Thailand. June 29- July 1, 2007.
Torino, Italy. June 19-21, 2008.
Boston, MA, USA. June 26-28, 2009.
Buenos Aires, Argentina. July 22-24, 2010.

Click below for the final versions of the complete programs, program overviews, and full downloadable papers, where available.

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