2017 Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 1:30pm to 5pm,

26th IAFFE Annual Conference | Sungshin University | June 29 July 1, 2017

The IAFFE Pre-Conference Workshop is designed for scholars and activists new to feminist economics. It provides presentations by established scholars in the field. While precise topics vary from year to year, in general we include an overview to the subject along with presentations on specific topics such as feminist economics methodologies, caring labor, diversity in economics, and global perspectives on gender and economics. We also generally provide career-building presentations and discussions, such as on publishing feminist economics research and on developing a media presence.

All IAFFE conference attendees are cordially invited. The speakers and workshop organizers, all seasoned members of IAFFE, will present on a range of topics, intended to acclimate those new to feminist economics to the area, as well as to spark discussion and foster creative approaches to research and participation in the feminist economics program.


Silvia Berger | Call to order and welcome.

Speakers on Professional Development

Lee Badgett | Public engagement

Joyce Jacobsen | Taking steps toward leadership positions (55.8 KB)

Kate Bahn | Working in the non-profit/think tank world (447.4 KB)

Speakers on Research Frontiers 

Ranjula Bali Swain | Sustainable development goals: tradeoffs and inconsistencies

Sakiko Fukuda-Parr | A research agenda for international development

Mieke Meurs | Households and bargaining power, with links to norms and values (2.0 MB)

Naila Kabeer | Economic growth and women's agency

Alicia Girón | Closing remarks (1.1 MB)


The Pre-Conference Workshop is organized by Yana Rodgers, please contact her at yanarodgers@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.