Young Scholars

IAFFE Young Scholars

IAFFE's Young Scholars is an inclusive, evolving sub-group in IAFFE, represented by the Young Scholars Members Sub-Committee, and is open to anyone who self-identifies as early career in their field or simply newer to feminist economics and wants to connect with others in a similar place. 

We are currently plannning a number of programs to engage with other self-identified young or early career scholars. To sign up for announcements, please complete this form.

Current programs include:

  • Monthly Reading Group: An informal online discussion once per month to discuss different topics within the field of feminist economics, ranging from methodology to intrahousehold allocation, bargaining, relationships and intersectionality. We want to create an open, free and safe virtual space where young scholars can learn together and explore new questions. Once per month, we will choose two papers(a “classic" and a morerecentarticle) to discuss them together. The group kicked off in April 2021. Complete the form above to hear about upcoming sessions.
  • Mentorship Program: Currently being designed and piloted. Announcements will be made when opportunities open up for the next year.
  • Slack Group: Currently in development. Sign-up link will be posted here soon.