24th IAFFE Annual Conference | Berlin, Germany | July 16-18, 2015

International Association for Feminist Economics 
24th IAFFE Annual Conference

"Berlin" by Erwin Brevins. CC BY 2.0

"Berlin" by Erwin Brevins.  BB CY 2.0

Gender Equality in Challenging Times

 Berlin School of Economics and Law
July 16 – 18, 2015
Berlin, Germany


IAFFE Annual Conference Program, Version 1.4 (2.0 MB)

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Please check back regularly for updates to the program.


Please note the following:


You will want to check for regular updates to the program. Given the constraints of conference scheduling, we cannot accomodate further individual requests regarding preferences on days, times, or rooms.


Typical presentation length is 15-20 minutes but this will vary depending upon the number of participants in your session and the length of the session. You should also allow for a question-and-answer session at the end of the session. As a rule, Chairs are not assigned and the participants should appoint a Chair at the beginning of the session from those in attendance.


We expect that all rooms will be equipped with audio-visual provisions including a projector and computer.

IAFFE Office Closed

The IAFFE main office will be closed July 10-20 due to conference travel, and have limited staffing July 20-29th. Any requests, questions, or concerns regarding conference preparation must be addressed prior to July 10th.

2015 IAFFE Meeting Schedule

2015 IAFFE Meeting Schedule (72.0 KB)


Call for Papers

The 2015 IAFFE Annual Conference theme, “Gender Equality in Challenging Times” is intended to encourage  interdisciplinary   dialogue  on  how  feminist  economics  contributes   to  the  many challenges  we face throughout  the world. These challenges  include  economic  crises, austerity policies  in  European  countries,  the  transformation   of  the  welfare  state,  care  crisis,  social challenges  in  emerging  economies,  and  employment  and  migration  around  the  world.  Other important  themes  include  comparative  studies  of  social  welfare  policy,  domestic  violence, feminist ecology, the intersectional analysis of race, ethnicity and gender, and sex work. Panel proposals and individual paper submissions are invited on any aspect of feminist inquiry into economic issues. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

Submissions: Abstracts must be submitted on-line via the IAFFE website. Submissions  can be made  for a roundtable/panel or an individual  paper.  Participants  are limited to one paper presentation and one roundtable/panel. Additional co-authored papers are allowed only if they are presented by the co-author. These limitations will allow maximum participation by all members wishing to participate.

Deadline  for  Submission:  The  deadline  for  submissions has passed. We are no longer accepting submisions for the 24th IAFFE Annual Conference

Calls for Papers | 2015 IAFFE Annual Conference (2.1 MB)

Rhonda Williams Prize - Call for Applications

The deadline for submission of Rhonda Williams Prize applications has passed.

Important Participation Guidelines

IAFFE has a Paper Submission Policy that reflects our desire to promote opportunities for wide participation among individuals.  The following guidelines apply to the submission of papers for the IAFFE Annual Conference:

  • Participants are limited to two appearances on the program (excluding the role of the Chair)
  • Participants are limited to one formal paper and one informal roundtable/panel discussion
  • Participants are free to be a co-author on a second paper so long as their co-author is presenting the paper
  • None of the limitations would exclude a participant from chairing a session
  • Please note that once you have submitted your abstract you will not be able to edit it

Session Submissions

We are no longer accepting session submissions.

Panel/Roundtable Submission Form

We are no longer accepting panel/roundtable submissions.

Conference Registration

Online Registration has closed.

You may still register at the conference, please visit us at the registration tables.

If you have any questions, please contact us at conference@iaffe.org.

Visa Information

If you plan to attend the conference, please consider that you might need a visa to come to Germany and that you have to apply for it in time.

Click here for German visa information.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Wednesday, July 15 from 1:30pm to 5pm, Room B 2.20 (Library)

The IAFFE pre-conference workshop is designed for scholars and activists new to feminist economics. It provides presentations by established scholars in the field. While precise topics vary from year to year, in general we include an overview to the subject along with presentations on specific topics such as feminist economics methodologies, caring labor, diversity in economics, and global perspectives on gender and economics. We also generally provide career-building presentations and discussions, such as on publishing feminist economics research and on developing a media presence.

The IAFFE pre-conference workshop will run from 1:30-5pm on Wednesday July 15. All IAFFE conference attendees, and attendees to the Gender Asset Gap Project Workshop, are cordially invited. The speakers and workshop organizers, all seasoned members of IAFFE, will present on a range of topics, intended to acclimate those new to feminist economics to the area, as well as to spark discussion and foster creative approaches to research and participation in the feminist economics program.


Şemsa Özar: Welcome
Günseli Berik: Publishing
Lee Badgett: Public engagement
Cecilia Conrad: Women and work
Yana Rodgers: Gender Equality and Macroeconomics
Ann Mari May: Women in the Economics Profession
Joyce Jacobsen: Wrap-Up 

Travel, Lodging & Restaurants

Directions to Reception site from the Berlin School of Economics and Law (208.7 KB)

Associated events (not planned by IAFFE):

Gender Asset Gap Project Workshop

Workshop on Collecting and Analyzing Sex Diaggregated Asset Data | July 15, 2015 | 9am - 12:30p | Room B 5.44

This workshop will provide participants with an overview of three key topics. First, we discuss why the gendered study of assets is important and identify key methodological and substantive issues. What are the key research questions and what types of data are needed to answer them? Second, we discuss how to collect the data, including the issues of who to interview, which assets should be included, and how to obtain measures of value. Finally, we consider key framing issues, inclding the importance of marital and inheritance regimes to understand women's property ownership, conceptual issues on property rights and definitions of ownership, and the modes of acquisition and how they may differ by gender.

For more information, visit Gender Asset Gap Project


Gender Asset Gap Project Workshop (99.1 KB)


Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung invites you to a round-table discussion on:

Caring Democracy: Can Markets be Caring?

with inter alia: Joan Tronto, University of Minnesota (Keynote)

Soledad Salvador, CIEDUR, Uruguay

Yumiko Yamamoto, UNDP, Asia -Pacific 

Valeria Esquivel, UNRISD, Switzerland

Date: 15th of July, 18:00-20:30 o'clock

Place: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Hiroshimastr. 17, Conference room 1, 10785 Berlin

For participation, please register by July 12, 2015 by sending an email to Susanne.Boehme@fes.de

The event will be in English, simultaneous interpretation from Spanish to English will be provided

If you have any questions about the IAFFE Conference please contact Andrea Collins at acollins@iaffe.org.