2017 Annual Conference

2017 Pre-Conference Workshop

The pre-conference workshop is designed for scholars and activists new to feminist economics. It provides presentations by established scholars in the field. While precise topics vary from year to year, in general we include an overview to the subject along with presentations on specific topics such as feminist economics methodologies, caring labor, diversity in economics, and global perspectives on gender and economics.  We also generally provide career-building presentations and discussions, such as publishing feminist economics research and developing a media presence.  Further details to follow.  There is no additional fee to attend this workshop.

Conference Programs

Call for Papers

The 2017 IAFFE conference theme, “Gender Inequalities in a Multipolar World,” is an attempt to focus our attention on how feminist economics can be useful to educators, feminist organizations and policymakers in a world where there are multiple power centers in both economic and political terms. This situation leads to many topics that feminist economists could effectively and singularly address, including expansion of the care economy and social welfare in emerging economies, transitions from austerity to growth-promoting policies (or the reverse) and the effects of such transitions on different demographic groups, increased marketization of formerly nonmarket activities, sex trafficking both within and between nations, and the economic effects of war and political instability on civil societies. There will be a stream of inquiry throughout the conference specific to the East Asian context, given the conference’s location. In addition, panel proposals and individual paper submissions are invited on any aspect of feminist inquiry into economic issues. Interdisciplinary approaches are welcome.

Deadline for Submission:  Submission deadline has passed.

Call for Papers, IAFFE, Seoul 2017_1.pdf (12.1 MB)

For more info, contact Andrea Collins, Business Manager & Conference Coordinator, at acollins@iaffe.org.