Welcome to the 28th IAFFE Annual Conference

June 17, 2019

Please review and take note of the following information in preparation for attending the conference:

CONFERENCE REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN - Conference check-in is at the Hamish Wood Building on the GCU campus.  It is open during the following times:

  • June 26 | 1:30p – 5p
  • June 27 | 8a – 5p
  • June 28 | 8a – 5p
  • June 29 | 9a – 11a

TOTE BAGS - We WILL NOT be providing tote bags at this conference.  Your conference materials will be provided to you in a conference folder.

WATER BOTTLES - Taylor & Francis publishing, publisher for Feminist Economics, is providing resuable souvenir water bottles for this conference.

LUNCH - This year the conference delegates will have a choice of a sack lunch or a hot lunch buffet on days 1 and 2 of the conference.  50% of the lunches are sack lunches and 50% are buffet. If you plan to attend one of the lunch sessions you should grab a sack lunch and head to the lunch session, but you do not have to attend a lunch session to get a sack lunch, they are available to all conference delegates. First come, first served. The lunch sessions are:

  • 27 June - 25th Anniversary of Feminist Economics
  • 28 June - Presentation of inaugural Suraj Mal and Shyama Devi Agarwal Book Prize, followed by a presentation by prize recipeint Caroline Shenaz Hossein on her book, Politicized Microfinance: Money, Power and Violence in the Black Americas.
  • 29 June - pickup a light treat bag before heading out

WIFI - Open Wi-Fi access is available to GCU visitors throughout the GCU main campus. GCU visitors can connect to the internet via WiFi Guest by registering their personal devices. Delegates from other academic institutions should be able to connect to the Internet via Eduroam, as our main Wi-Fi network, by using their institution log in details.


  • CONFERENCE PROGRAM - The FINAL preliminary conference program is posted on the conference webpage. There is a link on the conference webpage. It is more interactive than it has been in the past and provides new ways to explore the conference and sessions. It lists the session participants and links to the sessions that they are participating in. Take some time to explore it. Updates are made periodically, so be sure to check back, especially for your own session.
  • Printed Program PDF – Coming June 19. The printed program has room assignment information.
  • Each concurrent sessions time slot is 110 minutes long. If a session has four speakers, that is 5 minutes to start, 20 minutes per presenter, 5 minutes transitions between speakers, and the rest for questions. All rooms are equipped with computers and projectors. Come prepared with your presentation on a flash drive.
  • SESSION CHAIRS – Sessions that do not have a chair are asked to organize themselves as the session begins and this uses up time, you'll be doing your colleagues and yourself a great service if you volunteer to chair your session as soon you are gathering.

PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOP - The Pre-Conference Workshop is June 26, the day before the conference begins, from 1pm - 4:30pm, George Moore Building, rooms M401, M402, M404, M319. The workshop was collaboratively organized with Young Scholars Initiative of the Institute of New Economic Thinking.


All members of IAFFE, and others who are interested, are invited to attend the Membership Meeting & Book Celebration. The link to the agenda and materials for the Membership Meeting is http://www.iaffe.org/membership-meetings/2019-june-membership-meeting-materials/. Please note that hard copies of materials will not be provided at the meeting. June 27, 2018, 4:45p – 6:15p. See printed program for location.

Campus Map - Below is a link to a campus map. All sessions will be in the Hamish Woods Building (Rooms W), while lunches and breaks will be in the Saltire Center.