2022 Annual Conference

Artwork by Catherine Grainger -- Les mains de Vénus (Hands of Venus, 1)




  • Opening Plenary -- Transforming Global Governance for Social Justice: Feminist Economics and the Fight for Human Rights
  • Local Plenary -- Caring in Time of Crisis: Visioning a Feminist Future
  • Closing Plenary -- Designing and Implementing a Feminist Post-COVID-19 Recovery Programme: Challenges and Opportunities




All in-person conference programing takes place at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Chem. Eugène-Rigot 2, 1202 Genève, Switzerland, except where indicating otherwise on the conference program/schedule.

The 30th IAFFE Annual Conference, June 29 – July 1, 2022, is being hosted by the Gender Centre at The Graduate Institute in Geneva, Switzerland.  Please note the following with regard to the conference:

  • In-Person -- The conference is an in-person conference with virtual access. You can register (see registration information below) as an in-person attendee or a virtual attendee. The overall conference schedule will be on the in-person schedule in Geneva.
  • Presenters -- Session presenters and panel/roundtable participants can present either in-person or virtually. We will not require that you register as an in-person attendee in order to present at the conference. However, please keep in mind, as menntioned above, the conference schedule will be based on Geneva times and the in-person schedule.
  • Virtual attendance -- All 3 conference plenaries (opening, local and closing), all conference sessions, a special 30th Annual Conference luncheon (sponsored be FES Berlin), the pre-conference workshop, and the IAFFE Membership Meeting will be available streaming and most will be recorded for post-conference viewing.
  • Interpretation services – Spanish/English and French/English interpretation will be provided for the plenaries, the Membership Meeting, and many sessions. All interpretation services will be accessed via Webex. There will be no live interpretation in Geneva. If you submit a paper/session/panel, the submission form asks language-related questions to help us correctly manage your submission and possible inclusion in the program.
  • Virtual attendance software – We will again use WHOVA as our virtual conference platform software. We will use WEBEX, not Zoom, as our streaming and virtual video/audio platform.
  • COVID – IAFFE and the conference hosts in Geneva will monitor and share information regarding COVID related rules and regulations for travel to/from Geneva.


IAFFE is using the   Whova virtual conference platform to host the conference.  
IAFFE está utilizando la plataforma de conferencias virtuales Whova para la organización de este congreso.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Whova suggests you use the CHROME browser for the web app. Other streaming software may have compatibility issues with other browsers. 
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The current pandemic has brought attention to the need for international cooperation to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic and produce an inclusive recovery. The far-reaching consequences of COVID-19 on local, national, and global economies have yet to be fully realized but the pandemic has clearly exacerbated existing sex, gender, race, caste and other inequalities. There has been a global surge in cases of domestic violence and an exponential increase in the burden of women’s care and domestic work, both paid and unpaid, which enables the continuation of daily life.  The pandemic has generated massive losses in lives, impacted people’s health, disrupted markets and livelihoods, and created profound reverberations in the home. 

The pandemic has also demonstrated the imperative for a close look at the normative foundations of our economic decisions – as we have faced stark trade-offs between economic activities, resources, and human lives – along with other things we value outside of the monetized market economy. The human rights framework provides one ethical lens to evaluate economic and social policy, developed through decades of public deliberation and reasoning in an international setting. Globally, attention is being paid for the need to redirect international economic governance institutions towards a strategy that will ensure inclusion and equity both within and among nations. There is also an urgency to advocate for a global economy that puts the primacy of human rights, well-being of the planet and inclusive and sustainable economies at the core.

The global fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic is deeply connected with the kinds of issues that feminist economists have long investigated and can afford a deeper understanding of the crisis itself. The feminist economic analysis highlights the interconnected gender dynamics of work, social protection, macro-economic policy including issues such as debt, sustainability and overall well-being, and contributes to a fairer and gender-responsive COVID-19 recovery.

This conference will take place in Geneva, Switzerland, the perfect place to explore these issues and bring a feminist economic analysis to deliberations on building a more just and sustainable post-Covid world.

The 2022 IAFFE Annual Conference will provide a forum for scholarship and inquiry that recognizes the methodological pluralism of our field. We define our field broadly and welcome research that brings a feminist lens to topics both micro and macro, local and global. We invite you to join us for this in-person (with hybrid access) conference, hosted by IAFFE and the Gender Centre at The Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland.

We solicit paper, session and panel proposals that engage with links between theory and action on these topics as well as on a broader range of feminist inquiry into economic phenomena. Proposals with an interdisciplinary character are especially welcome.


IAFFE is committed to making the Geneva 2022 conference as accessible as possible. We recognize that during the continuing COVID crisis travel is difficult and many universities and employers are pulling back from supporting conference travel/participation. In response, this in-pereson conference will be virtually accessible at reduced registration fees. In addition, as always, we have secured grants and will use IAFFE endowment funds to help fund the conference. That said, please know that registration fees make up a primary source of revenue for IAFFE. If you are able to select one of the high income/institutionally funded options, we greatly appreciate that.  

  • DEADLINE - June 7 [NOTE: The next opportunity to register, after June 7, will be onsite at the conference.]
  • IMPORTANT - You must be registered for the conference in order to be included in the program.
  • ON-SITE REGISTRATION - You may register on-site at the conference.
  • CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS - All requests must be emailed to the Conference Coordinator, Andrea Collins, acollins@iaffe.org. (See link below to submit request.)
  • REGISTRATION FEES - There are separate registration fees for in-person and virtual attendees, as well as members and non-members attendees.  Click the link below to view the registration fees.

Registrations Fees, Geneva 2022_2.pdf (53.4 KB)

REGISTRATION LINK - Online registration is closed. On-site registration will be available at the conference. Questions/concerns? Please contact Andrea Collins (acollins@iaffe.org) w/ cc: to Milena Dehn (mdehn@iaffe.org).

REGISTRATION CHANGE + REFUND REQUEST -- Click HERE to request registration change from in-person to virtual and refund of difference.


The 2022 IAFFE Conference Dinner will be held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Geneva on the shores of Lake Geneva and facing the Jet d'Eau Fountain.  There are a limited # of tickets for the dinner, do not assume that you will be able to purchase a ticket at the conference.

SOLD OUT -- We are no longer selling tickets for the conference dinner.  


Click link below to view an accommodations list from conference hosts. (They will be added additional options, so do check back.)

Accommodations List (64.6 KB)

Click HERE to view accommodations map.


Click HERE to submit request for visa invitation letter.


Coronavirus: Entering Switzerland   (this webpage will have most up-to-date information)

For U.S. bound passengers who need a negative test overseen by a medical professional … this option involves buying a test for $35 before leaving, bringing it with,  and then doing a brief telehealth visit in those last 24 hours to get the approval. 


Testing Information and Pharmacies in Geneva (in French or English):



IAFFE is committed to seeking and providing travel funds to support our members who want to attend and participate in our 30th IAFFE Annual Conference and Pre-Conference & Mentoring Workshop but are unable due to a lack of funds. Unfortunately we do not have enough funding to support everyone who needs it. IAFFE prioritizes conference participants from the Global South, young scholars for travel support, and Global North scholars with limited resources for travel grants. The maximum funding is $2,000 USD, but most will be less, depending upon funds available. Please only ask for the maximum that you need so we can support as many applicants as possible.

You will need the following information prior to completing your application:

  • What is the total of your estimated expenses to attend the conference, including the conference registration fee and the conference dinner (approx. $65 USD),if you are planning to attend?
  • What is the MINIMUM amount of funding that you are requesting to enable your attendance at the conference?  (The maximum request is $2,000 USD.)
  • What is your PREFERRED amount of funding support to enable your attendance at the conference? (The maximum request is $2,000 USD.)
  • Submission Deadline: March 22, 2022
CLICK HERE to submit Travel Grant Application

Contact Conference Coordinator Andrea Colllins, acollins@iaffe.org, with any questions/concerns.