Lodging + Travel + Cape Town 2023

Conference Locations

  • Conference School, July 4-5, University of Cape Town
  • Pre-Conference & Mentoring Workshop, July 5, University of Cape Town
  • Conference, July 6-8, UCT GSB Academic Conference Centre at Protea Hotels by Marriott Cape Town Waterfront "Breakwater Lodge"

NOTE:  The Conference Center is a part of the Marriott Cape Town Waterfront "Breakwater Lodge," the first hotel on the Lodging list accessed below.


Click on link below to access a list of lodging options for the conference.  IAFFE does not arrange conference lodging for conference participants. 

Lodging Information, Cape Town 2023 (27.9 KB)

July is winter in Cape Town! 

  • Winter is at its peak in July in Cape Town. The average temperature in Cape Town Central in July for a typical day ranges from a high of  16°C/61°F to a low of 11°C/51°F. Some would describe it as moderately chilly with a gentle breeze. It is also frequently rainy and windy. Bring warm clothes and an umbrella.
  • Interior spaces are not kept at as high temperature in Cape Town as you may be accustom to where you live.
  • Days are short -- On July 5 sunrise is at 7:52am and sunset is at 5:50pm.

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