Conference Theme & Call for Papers | Cape Town 2023


The 2023 conference theme recognizes the contributions that feminist economists have made to developing and advancing our understanding of alternative economic frameworks and strategies that are aimed at reducing inequalities within and between countries, achieving gender and social justice and environmental sustainability. Many countries are experiencing economic turmoil, social tension due to worsening inequality and poverty and environmental stress. In addition, there is a backlash against feminist issues. The current situation raises the question of what can be done to attain an equitable and sustainable world. This conference brings together academics, practitioners, advocacy groups and policy makers from around the world to present their visions of what a world defined by the principles of feminist economics would look like. The conference will facilitate deliberations on alternative theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence regarding strategies adopted by feminists. It will provide a space for debates on policy proposals on what steps are and could be taken to realise these visions.

This conference will provide a forum for scholarship and inquiry that recognises the methodological pluralism of our field. We define our field broadly and welcome research that brings a feminist lens to topics both micro and macro, local and global. We invite you to join us for this in-person (with hybrid access) conference, hosted by IAFFE and the African Centre of Excellence for Inequality Research (ACEIR), Cape Town, South Africa 

We accept paper, poster, session and panel proposals that engage with links between theory and action on these topics as well as on a broader range of feminist inquiry into economic phenomena. Proposals with an interdisciplinary lens are especially welcome.

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