Travel Grants | Cape Town 2023

IAFFE is committed to seeking and providing travel funds to support our members who want to attend and participate in our 31st IAFFE Annual Conference and Pre-Conference & Mentoring Workshop but are unable due to a lack of funds. Unfortunately we do not have enough funding to support everyone who needs it. IAFFE prioritizes conference participants from the Global South, young scholars, and Global North scholars with limited resources for travel grants. The maximum funding is $2,000 USD, but most will be less, depending upon funds available. Please only ask for the maximum that you need so we can support as many applicants as possible.

You will need the following information prior to completing your application:

  • What is the total of your estimated expenses to attend the conference, including the conference registration fee and the conference dinner (approx. $50 USD), if you are planning to attend?
  • What is the MINIMUM amount of funding that you are requesting to enable your attendance at the conference?  (The maximum request is $2,000 USD.)
  • What is your PREFERRED amount of funding support to enable your attendance at the conference? (The maximum request is $2,000 USD.)
  • Submission Deadline: March 22, 2023
CLICK HERE to submit a Travel Grant Application

Contact Conference Coordinator Andrea Colllins,, with any questions.