IAFFE Statement on Immigrant & Travel Restrictions

The following is a Statement by the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) regarding Executive Orders restricting immigration and travel.  IAFFE is committed to supporting all IAFFE members who are impacted by such executive orders.

IAFFE Statement on Executive Orders Restricting Immigration and Travel

As an international organization, we believe that free interchange among scholars, students, and activists from around the world is crucial to the creation of knowledge for the benefit of society. We are therefore deeply concerned about any executive order that restricts immigration from a set of countries and creates new and unreasonable barriers to travel, particularly for refugees. In addition to flying in the face of long-established American values of fairness, decency, and freedom of religion, such executive orders create serious obstacles to many of our organization’s members, who now may be prevented from pursuing valuable research, teaching, and learning activities that involve crossing national borders. We believe that such orders will have serious long-term consequences for the progress of knowledge, and for the state of communities across the globe, and that any such order needs to be reversed.

Board of Directors
International Association for Feminist Economics
February 16, 2017