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Membership in IAFFE includes a subscription to Feminist Economics, the scholarly journal aimed at increasing awareness of feminist research in economics, and access to the IAFFE Newsletter, which reports on activities, opportunities, and resources of interest. You'll have the opportunity to participate in the IAFFE members listserv of IAFFE, and use the members section of this website. Here you'll be able to connect with others to share bibliographies, course syllabi, or working papers on feminist economics and find others who share your specific research interest.

Members also receive a significant discount in registration fees for the IAFFE Annual Conference.

Membership dues are based on annual income, and are listed in the membership application below.

We cannot accept cash payments in the mail. Due to processing fees, we can only accept payment via credit card, a check from a US bank, or a money order from a US bank.


IMPORTANT NOTE: IAFFE is transitioning to a new improved website and membership management system. In the interim we are experiencing a problem with our payment processing confirmation. If you do not receive confirmation of your payment and membership, please contact who will confirm your membership renewal and send a receipt. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

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IAFFE memberships include a subscription to our journal Feminist Economics. In light of the environmental and transaction costs of printing and mailing printed copies of the journal, beginning in 2020 we piloted a new system where the default subscription format associated with membership is online-only. We made that our standard practice in 2021. (As always, you will access the online version of Feminist Economics by logging in as a member on the IAFFE website.) If members would like to also receive a physical copy of the journal, they can “opt-in” to receive a hard copy at no additional cost. You do not have to opt-in immediately upon paying your membership dues, you may do it at anytime prior to the end of the current membership year. Please renew your membership and update your mailing address in your member profile prior to submitting the opt-in form.

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