Caroline Shenaz Hossein

BOARD MEMBER, 2021-2024

Dr. Caroline Shenaz Hossein is a Canada Research Chair (tier 2) and Associate Professor of Global Development as well as cross-appointed to the graduate programme of Political Science at the University of Toronto. She is Founder of Diverse Solidarity Economies (DISE) Collective. She holds an Ontario Early Researcher Award (2018-2025) and previously funded by SSHRC (2017-2020). Hossein is the 1st Black Canadian to serve as board member to the International Association of Feminist Economics. She is an advisor to Oxford University Press, editorial board member to the U.N. Task Force for the Social and Solidarity Economy and Kerala University’s Journal ‘Polity & Society’. Hossein is the author of ‘Politicized Microfinance’ (2016), co-author of ‘Critical Introduction to Business and Society’ (2017); editor of ‘The Black Social Economy’ (2018), co-editor of ‘Community Economies in the Global South’ (2022) and ‘Beyond Racial Capitalism: Cooperatives in the African Diaspora’ (2023). Her forthcoming authored books are ‘The Banker Ladies’ by the University of Toronto Press and 'Co-operativism' with Cambridge University Press. Prior to becoming an academic, she worked for 9 years in a number of global non-profits and 8 years as a self-employed consultant to the World Bank Group, UNDP, USAID, IRC, CIDA, IADB, and the Aga Khan Foundation. You can follow her on Twitter @carolinehossein.


-- Updated November 2022.