Purposes & Activities

IAFFE Purposes

  • To foster dialogue and resource sharing among economists and others from all over the world who take feminist viewpoints
  • To advance feminist inquiry into economic issues
  • To educate economists, policy makers, and the general public on feminist points of view on economic issues
  • To foster evaluations of the underlying constructs of the economics discipline from feminist perspectives
  • To aid in expanding opportunities for women, and especially women from under represented groups, within economics
  • To promote interaction among researchers, activists, and policy makers in order to improve scholarship and policy
  • To encourage the inclusion of feminist perspectives in the economic classroom

IAFFE Activities

  • Organization of an annual conference to present current research, plan future research, and interact with economists and advocates with similar interests
  • Organization of sessions at national, regional, and international meetings of economists
  • Publication of a newsletter which reports on activities, opportunities, and resources of interest
  • Maintenance of an electronic mail network to provide quick and low-cost communication among subscribers interested in feminist economics
  • Compilation of bibliographies, course syllabi, and a list of working papers on feminist economics
  • Publication of a scholarly journal, Feminist Economics, to increase awareness of feminist research in economics