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Feminist economics posts brings a feminist-economics perspective to current intellectual and policy debates. Our diverse, international roster of contributors expands the reach of feminist economics beyond communities of scholars to policymakers and activists worldwide.

The IAFFE blog provides a forum for discussing fast-developing global issues, longstanding intellectual concerns, and personal reflections. The comments feature is meant to encourage lively debate among feminist economists and others engaged with these questions.
Feminist economics posts complements IAFFE’s journal, Feminist Economics, and Feminist Economics Research Notes.
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Facebook is a popular social networking website, especially among undergraduates and graduate students. We now have an IAFFE page of our own on Facebook. The journal Feminist Economics also has a page, as described on the journal's website. If you have a profile already, join up, and if not, you can create a profile and join. Please be sure to encourage any students who show a special interest in IAFFE to join.

As a new generation of scholars makes its way through the pipeline, let us take advantage of all the new tools out there to build a strong network and share our resources. Facebook allows IAFFE to publicize conferences and create community, especially among students. 


You can now follow us on Twitter!

If you do not have a twitter account and would like a visual guide to setting one up, please check out our “how to tweet” video available on Youtube



We also have a Feminist Economics YouTube channel that collects all the relevant videos we know of in one place.

The url for the Feminist Economics YouTube channel is: http://www.youtube.com/user/FeministEconomics


Feminist Economics also has a presence on Flickr, an online photo management and sharing application tool.

See pictures from the Feminist Economics special issue workshop at the United Nations Headquarters, May 19-20, 2008.