IAFFE Listservs



In July 2020, IAFFE created a members-only listserv for which all current members of IAFFE are automatically included. The purpose of this listserv is to create a space where members can discuss issues related to IAFFE -- membership, governance, etc. -- as well as share information recognizing IAFFE members for their accomplishments in the field.  It also provides an open forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic issues and perspectives.

  • SEND EMAILS TO: iaffe-members-email-list@googlegroups.com

  • WHO CAN SUBSCRIBE: Current members of IAFFE

  • HOW TO JOIN: Members are automatically added; to change your email address or subscription preferences, email jjolly@iaffe.org

  • PURPOSE: Open forum for dialogue exclusively among IAFFE members on organization related matters, such as membership, governance, conference questions, thematic groups, IAFFE events, member accomplishments, etc.


IAFFE-L is the a moderated list. Both members and non-members are invited to subscribe. It provides timely information regarding conferences, calls for papers, new books, job opportunities, etc. All members of IAFFE are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the list. 

  • SEND EMAILS TO: iaffe-l@lists.carleton.ca

  • WHO CAN SUBSCRIBE: Open to both members and non-members

  • HOW TO JOIN: Anyone can sign-up & manage their settings using the information below.

  • PURPOSE: Distribution of announcements, calls for papers, etc.
    • All messages will be allowed through except Spam & Trolls AND questions and concerns relating to IAFFE membership, organizational matters, and members, as well as discussion items.
    • If your message is rejected because it is better suited to the members-only list, you will receive notification as such, with a suggestion to direct the message to that list or the intended recipient instead.
  • IMPORTANT: You must include a subject line for your message to make it through the system! Some folks have had messages disappear in the system because of this, and we have identified it as a common cause for this issue.


So that you will have all the information in one place, here is most of what you will need to know to participate in IAFFE-L.

  • SUBSCRIBE - You can subscribe by sending an email to listmanager@lists.carleton.ca and put "subscribe Iaffe-L" (no quotes) in the subject line. Do not put any text in the body of your message.
  • SENDING MESSAGES TO IAFFE-L - You must be a subscriber to send messages. Send your message to iaffe-l@lists.carleton.ca. Using this address will distribute your message to all members of the list.
  • UNSUBSCRIBING: unsubscribe iaffe-l
  • SETTING MEMBERSHIP TO DIGEST MODE: Receive daily digest with all the messages of the day. Put set iaffe-l digest in the subject line.
  • TEMPORARILY SUSPENDING MAIL:  set iaffe-l nomail
  • RESUMING MAIL (depends on your preferred mode)set iaffe-l mail OR set iaffe-l digest

If you need further assistance please contact Mumbi Kasumba (mkasumba@iaffe.org) for the public listserv and Paulina Sicius (psicius@iaffe.org) for the members listserv.


IAFFE provides an open forum for dialogue and debate about feminist economic issues and perspectives. The list aims to encourage discussions on subjects that are particularly pertinent to feminist economics, and postings should be directly focused on feminist economic concerns, such as:

  • feminist economic perspectives on economic theory, methodology, and policy
  • cross-disciplinary and cross-country perspectives on feminist economic concerns
  • new ideas and research in feminist economics
  • feminist economic discussions of current economic policy issues
  • feminist pedagogy and economic teaching
  • feminist perspectives on the historical and contemporary construction of economics
  • the structure of economics profession in relation to concerns about gender and race
  • research in other fields that may provide insight into feminist economic concerns
  • information on mentoring, research grants, job opportunities, and calls for papers

IAFFE-L is an international forum. We therefore ask that people posting messages orient their postings to a broad international audience. For example, references to statistics or patterns in a particular country should indicate the relevant country rather than assume that all members of the audience are from that country. A useful way to keep postings internationally oriented is to read the posting before sending while imagining being a reader from another country. 

In addition, IAFFE-L expects postings to be feminist in form. Contributors should avoid a hostile and disrespectful tone and make every effort to be constructive in both tone and content.

IAFFE-L is a moderated list, which means that messages sent to the list are first reviewed to ensure that they are within the scope of the list's purposes, and that they respect the list as a feminist space for discussion of feminist economics and related concerns. Please do not use this forum for discussions that do not directly relate to feminist economics.