Feminist Economics 101

Feminist Economics 101 is a new video series, produced by IAFFE's Young Scholars, in which senior scholars are interviewed by young or early career scholars on their work and how it relates to feminist economics.

You can view each video using the links below or view the full series on YouTube.

Note: To watch a translation of the video, click on "settings" at the bottom-right of the YouTube video, select "Subtitles-CC" and then select "Auto-translate" and choose your language.

  1. Feminist Economics 101: Abena Oduro interviewed by Maria Sandoval Guzman on Gender & Assets
  2. Economía Feminista 101: Alma Espino entrevistada por Stefania Marchina sobre los mercados laborales
  3. Feminist Economics 101: Antonella Picchio interviewed by Giulia Zacchia on Social Reproduction
  4. Feminist Economics 101: Elissa Braunstein interviewed by Rebeca Gomez Betancourt on Macroeconomics
  5. Feminist Economics 101: Maria Floro interviewed by Erica Aloe on Development
  6. Feminist Economics 101: Nancy Folbre interviewed by Lygia Sabbag Fares on Care Work
  7. Feminist Economics 101: Radhika Balakrishnan interviewed by Ricardo Salas Díaz on Human Rights