Identifying and challenging barriers to feminist economics and feminist economists from a global perspective 


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IAFFE is working to identify barriers to feminist economics and feminist economists. Identifying such barriers is an essential first step to devising strategies to overcome them. This work will be useful to  all those working to make economic research, teaching and practise more inclusive.
Recognizing the existing focus on the global north, this initiative will emphasize global and regional insights, hence its multilingual nature. 

Have your say 

We want to hear from you. What barriers to Feminist Economics do you observe? Have you experienced challenges having your work recognized in academia or in policy? How do you think feminist economic research could be better supported or disseminated? 
Please share your thoughts in the discussion forum and during a session on 4th July at 2.30 pm, online and in-person at the IAFFE Annual Conference in Rome. 
You may also want to share experience and thoughts in confidence. If so, please write to [email protected] Your communication will be treated in confidence.

Participate in the research 

After this initial period of broad and open discussion, IAFFE will commission a comprehensive research study to synthesize existing knowledge and gather new data on the challenges faced by feminist economists. 
The subsequent phases will involve producing a series of academic papers that will culminate in a special issue of the journal Feminist Economics. These papers will employ a range of methodologies, including quantitative analysis, qualitative research, intersectional approaches, and political economy analysis, to explore the barriers faced by feminist economists. 

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