Board of Directors


IAFFE’s work is managed under the direction of the Board of Directors. The Board consists of the President & Board Chair, the President-Elect, the Outgoing President & Conference Chair, one or more Vice-President(s), the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Feminist Economics Journal Editor and between nine and twelve elected members.

Any IAFFE member may stand for election to the Board. Elections are held in the first quarter of each year.

Currently the Board is composed of the following individuals:

2023-2024 OFFICERS 

President & Board Chair
Lee Badgett
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Amherst, MA USA

Outgoing President & Conference Chair 
İpek İlkkaracan 
Istanbul Technical University
Istanbul, Turkey

Sara Cantillon
Glasgow Caledonian University 
Glasgow, Scotland

Shaianne Osterreich (2023–2025)
Ithaca College
Ithaca, NY USA

Lynda Pickbourn (2022–2025)
Hampshire College
University of Massachusetts Amherst
South Hadley, MA USA

Editor, Feminist Economics
Elissa Braunstein (2023-2025)
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO USA


Marcella Corsi (2023-2026)
Sapienza University of Rome
Rome, Italy

Valeria Esquivel (2022-2025)
International Labor Office (ILO)
Geneva, Switzerland

Rebeca Gomez Betancourt (2022-2025)
University of Lyon 2 + ENS Lyon
Lyon, France

Heidi Hartmann (2021-2024)
IWPR & American University
Washington, DC USA

Caroline Shenaz Hossein (2021-2024)
University of Toronto Scarborough
Toronto, Canada

Fatimah Ya-Fanah Kelleher (2023-2026)
Nawi Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective

Smriti Rao (2023-2026)
Assumption University
Worcester MA, USA

Kanchana Ruwanpura (2021-2024)
University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, Sweden

Sheba Tejani (2022-2025)
University of Birmingham
Birmingham, UK