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The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) is a global community of academics, activists, policy theorists, and practitioners who share a common purpose: advancing gender-aware and inclusive economic research and policy analysis. Our aim is to foster gender equality and improve the well-being of all, particularly those facing the greatest socio-economic exclusion. The association’s award-winning journal, Feminist Economics, opens new areas of economic inquiry, fosters critical exchanges and enlarges and enriches economic discourse. 

IAFFE is a membership-based organization that was founded following the 1990 meetings of the American Economics Association in Washington, D.C. Since then, it has grown to include 800 members from over 90 countries. IAFFE’s influential network of scholars, activists, and advocates has defined and shaped feminist economics since the association’s founding and has had a tangible impact on scholarship and policy.

“IAFFE was founded as a professional organization meeting the need and desire for an active, nonsexist organization for feminists in economics in a context in which that work was marginalized because of sexism in the discipline.”
(Orozco Espinel and Gomez Betancourt, 2022)

 Benefits of Membership

IAFFE’s networking opportunities foster collaboration between feminist economists worldwide. Benefits include reduced rates to the IAFFE Annual Conference, access to the award-winning Feminist Economics Journal, and the members-only newsletter where they can stay up to date with the latest developments and opportunities. Members have the opportunity to actively contribute to shaping IAFFE's program and activities. Furthermore, IAFFE's mentorship program offers guidance and support for professional growth.  

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IAFFE Annual Conference - Rome 2024

The 32nd IAFFE Annual Conference will be hosted by Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, 3–5 July 2024. The Conference theme aspires to provoke critical reflection on feminist economics responses to two of the defining features of the current economic and political landscape: The technological breakthroughs of a digital economy on the one hand, a crisis of democracy, political polarization, and backlash on the other.  Visit the official conference site for all additional information on the Conference.

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