Call for Papers ASSA 2025

January 3-5, 2025 | San Francisco, CA, USA 


The International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) invites members to submit panel proposals, session proposals, and individual papers on any area of feminist inquiry into economic issues, including (but not limited to):

  • Feminist political economy including social reproduction; the care economy, caring labor, unpaid labor, time-use
  • Gender and macroeconomics, economic development, or the environment
  • Intra-household dynamics and decision-making
  • Authoritarian regimes, economic and social policies/discourses, challenges to gender equality and human rights
  • Feminist economics, history of economic thought, economic history and economic policy 
  • Gender and labour market inequalities 
  • Economic issues by gender, class, race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, migrant status, other origin 

IAFFE also co-sponsors sessions with other organizations, and we particularly welcome proposals that would be of interest to the organizations that we have often collaborated with: Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE), Association for Social Economics (ASE), Association for the Study of Generosity in Economics (ASGE), History of Economics Society (HES), Middle East Economic Association (MEEA), Labor and Employment Relations Association (LERA), National Economics Association (NEA), and the Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE). 


Proposals for complete sessions and panels are especially welcome. 

We are particularly interested in high profile panels that will generate interest beyond current IAFFE members.

Current membership in IAFFE is required of all persons presenting papers in IAFFE sessions at the ASSA. You may check your membership status here. To join or renew your membership please click here

Please submit your proposal through the IAFFE submission platform here.

IAFFE only considers submissions that are not under consideration elsewhere for the same meeting. When you submit your paper or panel proposal, please confirm your submission is not under consideration for presentation at the ASSA meetings by another organization. The submission form includes a question about whether you would like your paper or panel to be considered for a co-sponsored session.

Please note that the Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE) and the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA) do not offer financial assistance for attendance at IAFFE-organized sessions during the ASSA conference. Upon acceptance to the conference, authors are expected to independently finance their travel, accommodations, conference registration, and visa expenses.

Furthermore, we wish to inform you that the feasibility of remote participation has not been confirmed at this time.

DEADLINE - The submission deadline is April 15, 2024. There will be no extension

If you have any questions please contact Srishti Pal: [email protected]